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Ron Paul Supporters Freak me OUT!

July 26, 2007

As you may know, I sent out a plea for help creating flyers yesterday. We need 20,000 to hand out before the straw poll on August 11th. Well, within 24 hours, I have 18,000 flyers. Is that amazing or what?! I cannot believe the swiftness with which people responded. I am simply amazed.

Thank you to all of you who ordered copies, who printed copies on your printers, who did everything within your power to help. We will make sure that all of the flyers are used. We now have the potential to introduce 18,000 Iowans to Dr. Paul because of your action. That’s pretty darned amazing. Thank you.

Here’s something else that’s amazing. We are now going to participate in the Iowa State Fair Parade on August 8th. So all of you volunteers who are coming for the week before the poll have a special duty on the 8th – to be a part of Iowa’s number one parade. Don’t forget Ron Paul t-shirts and signs!


Des Moines Meetup Notes

July 24, 2007

Last night I attended the first Des Moines meetup.   Joe, the Iowa National lead was there and gave us an update. 

He updated us on the progress of the National campaign.  He said they were gratified by the work done by volunteers, and it was time for the campaign to step up its activities in Iowa.  He went into some detail, but I’m not comfortable putting it here for all eyes to see (all 12 of them!).  You can call me if you want more info.

 Joe did stress the importance of RSVP’ing if you’re coming – whether you’re an Iowan or an OOSer.  You can do that here.  Also, we’ve been getting a great response for the “Adopt and Iowan” program, but we need even more, so if you can help us buy tickets for Iowans to vote, it will make a big difference.  Go to the bottom right hand corner of this page to adopt an Iowan.  Currently they have rasied about $5600, or 160 tickets.  We need more!

 He also mentioned that there are over 300 volunteers calling Iowans.  Please call more – this is crucial.  I’ve spent a few days on the streets so far, and I can tell you that for the most part they are incredibly open to hearing about new candidates. 

Jana, one of the Ames coordinators had produced a map with all of the County fairs in progress across the State, and got volunteers to cover them.   We also discussed strategy for the Great Iowa DVD drop that’s taking place for the next 2 weekends.

We are expecting anywhere from 200 – 300 Out of State Volunteers to show up the week of the Straw Poll.  One of the concerns at the meeting was flyers.  We don’t have enough, so I’ve put out a call on the website for help making flyers.  If you have a printer, you can help.  Please go here for info.

 The evening was finished by a rousing speech by Ernie “Fireball” Hancock. 

Fireball crash lands in Des Moines, Iowa

July 24, 2007

I got a call yesterday from a guy who introduced himself as Ernie from Phoenix.  He said he had just arrived in Des Moines and was looking for people who wanted to do more than just talk.  He was all about Revolution.

 Sounded good to me, so I agreed to go to Ernie’s hotel and see what he had to say.   Turns out this Ernie is the Ernie who is a member of the Phoenix Revolution and the host of, a pretty cool website that I visit often.  Well, dang.  Ernie filled me in on his latest adventures, which were great to hear.

 He said that he had just come from South Carolina where Ron Paul had given a speech.  He told me about a group of youngsters (ages 11 – 18) who had wanted to do something, but hadn’t been encouraged by the adults around him.  So Ernie bought supplies and over the course of 2 or 3 days, they made 150 signs.    Then they went out and hung them on the fence next to the interstate.  One sign every 100 or 200 yards.  For miles.  Ernie showed me the youtube video he’s working on – trust me, it is an inspiring sight!   Of course, the highway guys came and took them down, but not until thousands of morning commuters got an eyeful of Ron Paul signage!

The kids were not to be deterred and made 70 more and put them out too!  Way to go!

Ernie’s mission is to motivate folks to get involved.  His prime way of doing this is through signage.   So, after we watched the video, we started making Ron Paul Revolution templates.  One of the locals, Jeremy, offered his shop as a sign making factory, and so we’ll get started this week.

Thanks, Ernie.  It was a pleasure to meet you. 

The Great Iowa DVD Drop

July 22, 2007

As I’ve mentioned, Jeff Lins and a group of dedicated volunteers created a DVD for Iowans.  Well, good news!  The DVD’s arrived on Friday.  All 13,500 of them!  So our task today was to find out how long it will take to deliver those bad boys to the doorsteps of Ames voters.

 So, Jeff, Jana and I (there are an amazing number of “J” named people in the Des Moines area) picked a neighborhood in Ames and started delivering.  We had bought little white bags to put the dvd’s in, so Jana drove the car and bagged dvd’s while Jeff and I loped from door to door delivering dvd’s.   Since we have so many dvd’s to deliver, we didn’t knock on doors, but just dropped them off.  When we have battalions of out of staters here, we’ll go back to these areas and knock on doors.   We found that a team of 3 can deliver 100 dvd’s an hour.  Not bad.  So, if we have 100 volunteers we should be able to knock it out in a morning.  That’s good news.

 So all of you folks coming in the next two weeks, we have  a little job for you.  <big grin>

My first Meetup – Ames, Iowa

July 19, 2007

After an 8 hour drive, and a quick stop to introduce myself to Suzanne and her family, I headed up to Ames to meet with the Ames meetup group.

Having lived in the wilds of Japan for the last year and a half, I was eager to meet Ron Paul supporters face-to-face. I was not disappointed. I gotta say, Ron Paul draws the most interesting and unique characters! And I mean that in the best possible way. The majority of the folks in attendance were college students. Honest to Pete, they were so bright eyed and full of enthusiasm, I just wanted to hang out with them and drink beer. And I rarely even drink!

One thing I was particularly curious about was the role of out-of-stater’s in the Straw Poll. This turns out to be a bit of a touchy subject, and I’m really grateful that everyone was so honest. The story goes that at the last Iowa caucus, Howard Dean supporters showed up in droves, all wearing orange vests, with something of a “take no prisoners” attitude (or if your an Iowan, another equally valid word might be “obnoxious”). Apparently, the overly enthusiastic behavior of the supporters smothered Mr. Dean’s chances, and he dropped from 1st place at the beginning of the week to a rather dismal showing in 3rd place on the day of the caucus. Needless to say, Iowans are bit leery of foreigners.

It’s good to know this. What does it mean in a practical sense for those of us who don’t have Iowa driver’s licenses? Hmmm. Good question. Here’s what I know so far:

We are necessary. Unlike the other campaigns that throw money at every situation, we are volunteer oriented. Without you and you and you, this thing ain’t happenin’. And from what I’ve seen so far, the Iowan supporters of Ron Paul really, really want you here. They’re just trying to find the line between using your skills and energy to full advantage without scaring the somewhat skittish Iowa fauna <smile>. As long as we all continue to share and focus on the same goal, I am confident we will find the right balance…

Anyway, here are my notes from the meeting:

About the Straw Poll:

The day before the poll, the doors to the Hilton Coliseum are opened, and there’s a mad rush to claim the valuable wall space for campaign slogans and signs. John Kurr is the leader of the effort for this SignageRace2008. I don’t know the details of his plans yet, but will let you know as soon as I can. I suspect that this is an area that out-of-staters can really help with.

On the day of the straw poll, we will have a tent set up. You can see the location of the tent in the GOP’s Iowa Straw Poll Info file. This file also has the schedule of events and other goodies. Jeremy DeWitt is in charge of the outdoor signage. This is a hugely ginormous deal and it will probably be one of the main focuses of out-of-staters. Yes, we will need signage, and I’ve proposed to Jeremy that we have Burmashave type signage. I’ve seen some really awesome slogans on that would fit the bill perfectly.

On a side note, notice the unusually interesting shape of our tent area. We are not square pegs, and our site perfectly reflects that – how did they know? <sly grin>

On Friday, the 10th, the bright eyed college students are holding a fundraising concert, dubbed “RonStock 2008”! I hope that everyone who comes for the event will turn out for the show – it will be a blast – I have no doubt of it! Please look at their myspace page for more info… I’m sure to be there, and if you’re lucky you might see me sipping a nice dark ale – I try to do that once every 3 years whether I need to or not!

On a more humorous note, there was some lively discussion on whether or not slim jims are flyer inserts or tasty meat products. I couldn’t stop laughing, because I remember thinking the same thing when I first heard the term. I remember thinking, “Now that… is creative!”.

Ok, that’s all I know now. More tomorrow…