“A hero is a man who does what he can.” – Romain Rolland

I thought yesterday was one of those banner days that life sometimes hands you – like a golden pear in late summer or a rainbow during a cool summer rain. Well, today was like standing in line for ice cream at the little small town stand everyone goes to on Friday nights and getting your favorite double dip. Or listening to the kids play kickball as the day dims into a lightening bug festooned evening.

Basically it was a pretty excellent day.

I got a call yesterday from a man named Bill who lives in South Dakota and is coming to help with the Great Iowa DVD Drop this weekend. We chatted for a bit and then he said in this really humble voice, “Do you want to hear about my project?” You know I did – I love stories. It seems that Bill owns a business and has about 250 clients (mostly farmers) in Iowa, and he had decided to send them all a letter and some literature about Dr. Paul.

I really admire people who are willing to speak their truth in a humble and unpretentious way. He wasn’t shouting it or pushing it in anyones face, but just offering it, almost as a service, to his clients. I think that takes more than a little bravery and a lot of integrity. When someone is like that, you just want to support them however you can. So, I asked him if he would like some dvd’s to send with the letter. He thought that was great, but he wanted to send the letters the next day. So, we agreed to meet halfway at the Iowa/Nebraska border and make a trade.

So at 6:30 this morning I hit the road and drove across Iowa (and it is truly a beautiful state), and met Bill, today’s hero. He gave me a copy of his letter – here are a couple of excerpts:

“The reason I decided to mail this to you is of a political nature, and I apologize if this mailing offends you in any way. I promise you will never receive any further political mailings from me…

… description of Dr. Paul and Ames …

…And if you are like me, you have serious reservations about the direction our country is heading. Ron Paul pledges to change that direction. With Ron Paul as President, if it’s not constitutional, it’s simply not going to happen…”

You see how humble this guy is? You gotta love it. Before we parted, he gave me a few Ron Paul yard signs that he made (OUR NEXT PRESIDENT IS… RON PAUL… GO AHEAD, GOOGLE HIM!), and shoved some money in my hand to help pay for gas.

All I have to say to you folks is, “Where have you been all my life?” I am grateful to Dr. Paul for many things, but meeting so many good hearted patriots is by far the greatest gift I have received since I first heard of him…

There’s more to today – a phone call from the West Coast with awesome news, but I’ll have to wait a bit to tell you…


2 Responses to ““A hero is a man who does what he can.” – Romain Rolland”

  1. Pipo Says:

    Ron Paul is just another piece of the political engine that keeps entertained the American populace. Has he ever publicly declared that he will authorize a new and independent investigation regarding the events of 9/11 if becomes president of the United States? If the answer is NO, then Congressman Ron Paul should consider the idea of making his own comic show.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Don’t listen to “Pipo the Tool” up there. You have every right to be thrilled at the way Ron Paul has motivated and inspired people. I’m thrilled, too.

    Thanks for all you’re doing in Iowa. Your posts are really encouraging. I’m down in Georgia, but I’m writing letters to Iowans and donating money. I’ve thought about coming to Ames for the Straw Poll, but it will be nothing short of a miracle if I get there. If you know anybody that’s driving up from down south, tell them I need a ride. Keep the faith!

    Redeclare your Independence! Vote Ron Paul for President 2008!

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