Des Moines Meetup Notes

Last night I attended the first Des Moines meetup.   Joe, the Iowa National lead was there and gave us an update. 

He updated us on the progress of the National campaign.  He said they were gratified by the work done by volunteers, and it was time for the campaign to step up its activities in Iowa.  He went into some detail, but I’m not comfortable putting it here for all eyes to see (all 12 of them!).  You can call me if you want more info.

 Joe did stress the importance of RSVP’ing if you’re coming – whether you’re an Iowan or an OOSer.  You can do that here.  Also, we’ve been getting a great response for the “Adopt and Iowan” program, but we need even more, so if you can help us buy tickets for Iowans to vote, it will make a big difference.  Go to the bottom right hand corner of this page to adopt an Iowan.  Currently they have rasied about $5600, or 160 tickets.  We need more!

 He also mentioned that there are over 300 volunteers calling Iowans.  Please call more – this is crucial.  I’ve spent a few days on the streets so far, and I can tell you that for the most part they are incredibly open to hearing about new candidates. 

Jana, one of the Ames coordinators had produced a map with all of the County fairs in progress across the State, and got volunteers to cover them.   We also discussed strategy for the Great Iowa DVD drop that’s taking place for the next 2 weekends.

We are expecting anywhere from 200 – 300 Out of State Volunteers to show up the week of the Straw Poll.  One of the concerns at the meeting was flyers.  We don’t have enough, so I’ve put out a call on the website for help making flyers.  If you have a printer, you can help.  Please go here for info.

 The evening was finished by a rousing speech by Ernie “Fireball” Hancock. 


One Response to “Des Moines Meetup Notes”

  1. JoshLowry Says:

    Thanks for the updates Jen, you are doing a great job!

    This is an excellent site for supporters coming to Iowa. We should have a Houston crew of 6 arriving on the 4th.

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