The Great Iowa DVD Drop

As I’ve mentioned, Jeff Lins and a group of dedicated volunteers created a DVD for Iowans.  Well, good news!  The DVD’s arrived on Friday.  All 13,500 of them!  So our task today was to find out how long it will take to deliver those bad boys to the doorsteps of Ames voters.

 So, Jeff, Jana and I (there are an amazing number of “J” named people in the Des Moines area) picked a neighborhood in Ames and started delivering.  We had bought little white bags to put the dvd’s in, so Jana drove the car and bagged dvd’s while Jeff and I loped from door to door delivering dvd’s.   Since we have so many dvd’s to deliver, we didn’t knock on doors, but just dropped them off.  When we have battalions of out of staters here, we’ll go back to these areas and knock on doors.   We found that a team of 3 can deliver 100 dvd’s an hour.  Not bad.  So, if we have 100 volunteers we should be able to knock it out in a morning.  That’s good news.

 So all of you folks coming in the next two weeks, we have  a little job for you.  <big grin>


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